Have you read the Amazing Alpha Tau Boyfriend Project yet? Enrol at Lassiter University today, and join the frat boys of Alpha Tau for some shenanigans, some dating disasters, and all the feels! The Amazing Alpha Tay Boyfriend Project is available this week for only 99 cents. You can find it here.

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At first glance Archer Calloway is your typical frat boy—preppy, pre-law, privileged. But one thing he’s not is a jerk. So when a shy guy at a wedding gives Archer his number, Archer is impressed by his courage in putting himself out there.

What starts as a courtesy call to the guy turns into friendship. Eli is awesome, and Archer can’t understand why he’s single. With the help of his fraternity brothers at Alpha Tau, Archer comes up with the perfect project for the semester: Get Eli Fuller the perfect boyfriend or die trying.

It’s a flawless plan and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Uh oh.

The Amazing Alpha Tau Boyfriend Project is a lighthearted contemporary m/m romance containing banter, bad dates, and an oblivious frat boy who is about to discover something new about himself. Or something.

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