Ever had a Christmas that doesn’t look anything like the Hallmark ones? Welcome to Charlie’s Christmas. Well, welcome to Charlie’s whole life recently.

Life isn’t going to plan for Charlie Mathis. He’s back in Cutler Lake with no job, no prospects, and no plan. But when he sees his old childhood crush, Stuart Harrison, working at Santa’s Grotto in the local mall, suddenly things don’t seem so bad.

When Charlie was growing up, Stu was always way out of his league. Well, not anymore! The guy is wearing an elf costume—he’s clearly failing harder at life than Charlie is right now. It’s a perfect match, right?

But Christmas has a surprise for Charlie, and it’s not what’s under the tree.

All I Want for Christmas is Stu is a 15000 word novella containing all the fun, chaos and total confusion of the season. It’s out on December 6 and is available now for preorder at https://books2read.com/Stu

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