Coming soon from Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock.

Cover of the novella Dauntless. Cover shows a red headed man with a red beard. Text beside the cover states "Welcome to Dauntless Island. We're all mutineers here."

Welcome to Dauntless Island. It’s four hours from mainland Australia, and populated by a cast of quirky characters who have one thing in common: at heart, they’re all mutineers.

Dauntless, the first book in the seven-book series, is coming soon! It’s a fun and fast-paced novella with a low-heat m/m romance between Joe, a lighthouse keeper, and Eddie, a PhD student. The path of true love would run a lot more smoothly if it wasn’t for the fact that Eddie is descended from the tyrannical naval captain that the islanders’ ancestors mutinied against. Oh, and there’s also the little matter of murder. Joe and Eddie are going to have to work together to prevent Dauntless Island’s bloody history from repeating itself.

There’s also a lovably silly dog called Hiccup, goats who like to eat tents, and Mavis, the most blatantly antagonistic shopkeeper ever known to humankind.

Come and visit Dauntless Island! It’s unforgettable!



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