It’s been the most amazing year for writing again. Vicki and I fulfilled our dream of writing a young adult hockey romance series, I finished the Single Dads series*** and wrote two romantic suspense books with Eli Easton…

*** well, book 6 was SUPPOSED to be the last one… and then I snuck in Miracle and now I have an idea for book 8, called Rainbow.

I hope you had a fabulous year of reading!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL – and love for your support all year!

Harrisburg Railers Volume 4 (Railers 104) –

Rental (Boston Rebels 6) –

Pride (Single Dads 6) –

Team Orders (Standalone ) –

Off The Ice (Chesterford Coyotes 1) –

How Much For The Whole Night? (Shadow Team 1) –

Solstice (Lake Prophet Mysteries 1) –

Script (LA Storm 1) –

Equinox (Lake Prophet Mysteries 2) –

On Thin Ice (Chesterford Coyotes 2) –

Family First (Railers 13) –

Sparkle (LA Storm Christmas Short Story) (LA Storm 1.5) –

Miracle (Single Dads 7) –

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