Zenith (with Eli Easton), the final book in the Lake Prophet Trilogy, is coming 19 January and is available to pre-order here: https://rjscott.co.uk/read-zenith
A killer haunts Prophet and this time it’s personal
The discovery of a body at the Thompson Cabins sets off a chain of events that hits too close to home for Sheriff Gabriel Thompson. When his brother Sam becomes a prime suspect in the murder investigation, Gabriel is forced to keep secrets from Tiber and call in outside help as he fights to prove Sam’s innocence. It’s a nightmare that becomes all consuming.
Tiber Russo, animal whisperer, is dealing with problems of his own. A stalker threatens him and his entire menagerie of pets. With Gabriel wrapped up in the new case, Tiber tries to solve the mystery on his own. Who in the sleepy town of Prophet wants to do him harm? But when the threats turn lethal, Tiber finds himself in over his head.
Tiber and Gabriel have solved two murders together and started a deep relationship. But this time the forces ranged against them are personal, and the target is on them and the backs of everyone they love. With each of them isolated trying to protect the other, their strength is diminished. Even with the love they share, can they make it out of this alive?


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