Are you ready to return to Wyoming?
Pre-order Spring Rains (Whisper Ridge, Wyoming 3) for 15 March!
When love is on the line, the only way to move forward is to challenge ghosts of the past and find a place to belong.
High School Teacher Chris, an amputee since his teens, has wrestled with darkness and emerged victorious. He’s a pillar of strength in the classroom, deflecting his overbearing family by day and yearning for love by night. Yet a recent reminder of his fragility at the Lennox ranch has stirred spectres of his past. Enter Noah and his son, Fox, who bring a glimmer of hope into Chris’s life, igniting a fire that dares him to fight for love once more.
After big-city pastry chef Noah inherits his great aunt Lilly’s diner in the small Wyoming town of Whisper Ridge, he can finally escape the painful memories and media fallout of an abusive marriage. He wants to rebuild their lives in a safe place, but starting over isn’t easy when money is running out, the rainbow flag in his window draws the attention of the local fire-and-brimstone pastor, and the past rears its ugly head. Through it all, Noah must decide if he’s ready to open his heart again, especially to his son’s teacher.
Noah and Chris fall in love, stand up for what is right, fight their demons, and find a happy ever after despite the odds.

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