After a break of a very long time my first ever published book – Oracle – and it’s sequel, Book Of Secrets have been revised, reedited, with new cover art, and re-released direct into Kindle Unlimited. For those of you that have read these books, the story is the same as it was before…

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Oracle (Oracle 1)

An ancient relic threatens to destroy the world, and a tattooed man with no memory begins an adventure cloaked in mystery.

Alex Sheridan has powers. He never questions why he can manipulate locks, phase out of sight, or read people’s emotions; he just knows that he can. With his abilities, he’s an expert at stealing rare items to order, and does it without guilt. But with his adoptive parents dead, his partner murdered, and no idea who he really is, he journeys to Greece to face his past. Only instead of finding family and the reason for the scars he’s covered in tattoos; he’s pulled into the mystery of an ancient story and a new love.

Luke MacKinnon is a professor of ancient languages, and he instinctively knows Alex is no ordinary man. The first time they meet, Luke is intrigued by Alex’s tattoos written in a language long forgotten, and his eyes that hold a millennium of secrets. When their paths cross for a second time, he’s told that Alex is his soulmate, but even if he believed that, what kind of god would put him together with a criminal who steals the very things that Alex wants to study?

When they work together to locate the Oracle, it’s only because both men have targets on their backs. Despite the evil that wants the Oracle, can Alex and Luke find love, or is finding the truth the end of them both?

This MM Gay Paranormal Romantic Suspense from RJ Scott includes soulmates who would die for each other, secrets and lies, murder, an ancient curse, and of course a happily ever after.

Book of Secrets (Oracle 2)

When Alex’s dark past catches up to him, blackmail, immortality, and breaking into Windsor Castle could end up killing Luke.

Alex is working with Chris and Griff to make up for his earlier mistakes by replacing the antiquities he’d stolen before he met Luke. It’s dangerous and near-impossible work, considering Alex has lost his most useful Oracle-given powers. But he would do anything for Luke as they fall deeper in love, even the things that Luke hasn’t asked him to do.

The Voynich Manuscript is locked in Windsor Castle’s private library, hidden away from people who believe it could hold the key to immortality. With Luke’s life in danger, Alex is blackmailed into stealing the ancient document, only it’s inside one of the most heavily fortified and secure castles in the world and  worse, with no powers to fall back on, Alex is openly walking into danger .

One man’s loss could be the death of Luke, unless Alex can achieve the impossible.

This MM Gay Paranormal Romantic Suspense from RJ Scott includes blackmail, kidnapping, secrets and lies, the key to immortality, and of course a happily ever after.

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