The movie star meets his match…


Welcome to Hollywood, baby! I’m an actor like a lot of other folks here. Perhaps you’ve heard of me. I play Baxter, the adventure-seeking, crime-fighting hero, adored by fans around the world. Nice gig, right? My job has its perks for sure—private jets, a chauffeur, and the best tables at the fanciest restaurants in town. It’s nuts!

Downside—it’s lonely and it’s hard to know who I can trust.

But I trust Lorenzo. He’s funny, sweet, and very real.

Look, I’m not in the market for anything serious but I could use some help figuring out if the old man who claims he’s my cousin is telling the truth. And a short-term distraction with a sexy side arrangement sounds kind of nice.


What is happening here? Pierce Allen wants me. No, wait. He wants something from me, like my help and maybe my body. I don’t get it. Men like him don’t go for guys like me. I’m too fabulous and he’s too famous.

I don’t need another broken heart, but I’m too intrigued to walk away. So I’ll play the part of “right hand man” for now and do my best to keep things light and friendly. I can do this.

There’s no way I’ll fall for a movie star, right?


Baxter’s Right Hand Man is a MM, bisexual romance featuring a lovable movie star and adorable diva who brings him back to reality.


In audio, narrated by the fabulous Nick J. Russo:

eBook & paperback:

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