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Until I wrote Listen, and researched sign languages I was never aware that there were so many different sign languages used – I was naive.

“… According to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are more than 70 million deaf people worldwide. More than 80% of them live in developing countries. Collectively, they use more than 300 different sign languages. …”

Sign language is something close to my heart—my great aunt was deaf, but she passed when I was very young. I recall she spoke in a very odd way to me, and at only five or so, it was a challenge I found super hard. I remember when the TV started to have signed repeats, and then more recent when big sports events have signers standing there to communicate. Everything has moved on so much to be inclusive, but I often wonder about my great aunt’s world and how she managed.

When I wrote Teegan I was determined this wouldn’t be a story where the child was given an instant miracle and everything is fixed. I wanted to see the way a family can love and grow and adapt, and more importantly give Teegan the best home.

Listen (Single Dads 5)

He only wanted to make the best home for his new daughter; he never meant to fall in love with the man who might steal her away.

Nick and his husband had always wanted a big family, but when cancer took Danny six years ago, Nick was left a single dad of three. He never considered his broken heart would heal enough to add to his family, but as soon as he meets Teegan he knows he wants to adopt the little girl. Born profoundly deaf, Teegan has been rejected twice already in the adoption process and hasn’t found her forever home. Nick wants to be her hero—her dad—and create a world that is safe and happy for her. He knows he wants to make her life perfect—he doesn’t know how to go about it or understand the best thing to do for his family, and he needs help. Enter Elliot, and Nick finds himself falling for the frustrating, sexy, inspiring, and caring teacher who can make things right.

Elliot is wary of helping the man who appears more interested in public opinion than the needs of his own family. But, learning that Nick, wealthy and entitled, is now adopting a deaf child, Elliot knows this is a step too far and strides into battle. As the child of deaf adults, Elliot knows he is the best person to advocate for little Teegan and, if needed, he is determined to intervene and halt the adoption. Nothing and no one will get in Elliot’s way when it falls on him to protect Teegan. Not even love.

This single dad story features a widower struggling to make things right, a teacher battling for a child’s wellbeing, an adorable toddler, three loving siblings, and a home with a view of the ocean.

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