Posing as a couple leads to passionate nights and dangerous days, but when their undercover mission implodes, revenge is everything, love is impossible, and they have nowhere left to run.

Zach has always been a man torn between duty and family. Strong, capable, and fiercely dedicated to being a SEAL, he’s made countless sacrifices to ensure the safety of his son and his country. Driven by guilt, he leaves newborn Charlie in the care of his estranged twin brother, and no one, not even his self-destructive team mate, Kai, can make him change his mind. Their partnership can never be anything but a clash of personalities, with Kai’s fiery nature and Zach’s stubborn focus on duty, but as they navigate their latest undercover mission, one more stolen moment is all it takes for every barrier between them to disintegrate.

Kai, former 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron, raised in a survivalist environment, is a skilled helicopter pilot, a loner, and never wanted a partner. When he’s kicked out of the service for not being a team player, he moves from black ops to the new Shadow Team, alongside Zach. The team wants his ability to color outside the lines, and challenge authority—he just wants a job that gets him into the action.

As their covert operation in the Canadian wilderness takes a dangerous turn, they run for survival, hemmed in by imminent dangers. With no one else to trust, they must lean on each other. But as their bond deepens, and passion explodes, will they live to see another day?


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