Meet the newest member of the Rowe family – Austin Rowe – cousin of Ten, Brady, and Jamie.

Drafted first round to the Boston Rebels is a dream come true for Austin Rowe. It doesn’t matter that he’s skating in the long shadow of his cousins, being in the NHL is all he ever wanted and what he’s worked hard to achieve. He never expects to find love when he arrives in Boston, and it knocks him off his feet.

Robbie is killing time. Heading for his final year in college studying for a degree he doesn’t enjoy in preparation for a career he doesn’t want, he works part time in a coffee shop knowing his trust fund is waiting for him any time he wants it. He dislikes Austin on sight, but all too soon he’s won over by the gentle charm of the blue-eyed man.

Glitter flies when these two meet. When passion enters stage right, love isn’t far behind.

Lost in Boston (Free Prequel Novella)

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