The tranquility of Prophet is shattered when a horseback rider is killed on a popular trail and whispers spread of dangerous beasts roaming the woods.
Three months after the murder of Mike Bressett, the sleepy town of Prophet faces another tragedy—the death of Billy Odette, a well-liked Makah man who ran trail rides for the tourists. When Billy is discovered to have been the victim of a vicious animal attack, dragged right off a popular trail, angry locals are quick to blame a wolf pack that’s recently moved into the area. Sheriff Gabriel Thompson is the only authority standing between those who want to protect the wolves and those who want them hunted down—all while trying to keep people safe and get to the bottom of what happened.
Tiber Russo, local animal whisperer, is firmly on the side of the wolves. But when a figure from his past shows up in town, his own spiraling panic casts a shadow over his blossoming relationship with Gabriel and his ability to help the wolves.
To get to the truth, Gabriel and Tiber unravel a tangled web of deception, greed, curses, magic, and long-held grudges. But when Tiber’s life is threatened, they both just might lose everything.

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