Hello everyone and happy Pride month!


I’m so happy to be here today for a visit to talk about Pride and what it means to my family…

Several years ago my daughter sat down at the dinner table and calmly informed her father and I that she was pansexual. Me and her dad have always been quite liberal – not always an easy thing in a small rural community – and did our best to instill in our only child the knowledge that she could trust us with anything. And she did, with that and many other things, over the years. We fully accepted her as she was and still accept her now, as she is, a proud pan woman with a new husband who also marches under the flag. I mean…my child is my child. Her sexuality doesn’t change who she is which is a pretty great person if I do say myself. Hashtag proud mama.


She and I even wrote a book together if you’d like to check it out. We had such fun and, if I may brag just a bit, she’s one heck of a good author!



Sadly, many young adults and teens don’t have the freedom to be who they are. Every day it’s a battle for queer and trans youth to simply live as they wish. As another June begins and we all celebrate Pride I hope everyone takes a moment or two to realize that the right to be who you were born to be is still in danger, in some places more than others, and that every single one of us must stand up and be vocal. Donate to LGBTQ causes whenever possible. Speak up and defend those who cannot defend themselves. And vote for those who support equality for all, not just a select few.


Rainbow hugs and glitter smooches- V.L.


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