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VL Locey – The Christmas Extra (Laurel Holidays #5) – 15 Nov

Tis the season for a second chance at love.

Stillman King likes his life in the small rural farming community of Rockmount, Pennsylvania. It’s a different pace of life than Philly, but Philadelphia was where his heart was broken, and he was happy to leave. He might be lonely, but he’s settled and has even managed to win over his snooping neighbors. Overall, his days as a small-town sheriff are peaceful with only the occasional traffic accident, drunk and disorderly conduct, or a random meandering cow to deal with. That was until the day the mayor announced that Rockmount was going to be the filming location for a Christmas romance movie starring the popular soap opera star, Tony Gugliotti. The same Tony who’d left him right after college graduation and headed west to the bright lights of Los Angeles without even a goodbye.

Hearing his former lover’s name shatters all the merry bucolic vibes that usually fill Rockmount, at least for Stillman. He’d not seen or spoken to Tony for over twenty years and had no wish to ever again. But, suddenly, here Tony was, looking just as good as he did way back when with his killer smile and movie star jawline. Hollywood descended on Rockmount and Stillman did his best to balance keeping the peace while maintaining a polite distance from his ex. Pity it’s such a small town packed with incredibly meddlesome people. All it takes is one stake out, a night stuck in the courthouse’s basement, and one kiss wound in a lighted pine tree to reignite the passion both men thought they’d left far behind.

The Christmas Extra is a standalone small town, forced proximity, gay second chance Christmas romance with all the glitter of Hollywood, two mature men who never really got over each other, a village packed with holiday cheer as well as inquisitive neighbors, a well-meaning cast and crew, and a tinselly happy-ever-after.


Miracle RJ Scott MM Romance Single Dads RJ Scott – Miracle (Single Dads 7) – 22 Dec

An abandoned baby, a poignant note from his long-lost twin, and unexpectedly Jax’s world is turned upside down.

Despite being adopted by a loving family during childhood, Jax feels a part of his heart is missing, and driven by dreams of his brother in danger, Jax is consumed by his search for his biological twin, sacrificing family events to follow leads, and missing out on his daughter’s milestones. Shocked to find a surprise delivery on his doorstep, Jax discovers that not only is he an uncle, but apparently, he’s legally a father to the baby Charlie. He calls on the unwavering support of his friends and family to solve the mystery surrounding the arrival, but also finds help from an unexpected source—Arlo, the enigmatic bear of a man who’s worked for him since Jax first conceived of starting his own company.

Arlo is no stranger to babies. When his parents passed, he dropped out of architecture college to care for his siblings, working construction to pay the bills. With his brothers grown and leaving home, it’s Arlo’s turn to live, but when the next stage of his life means giving up on working for Jax at Byrne Construction, he can’t do it. The problem for Arlo is that he’s been in unrequited love with his boss for five years, and can’t bear to not be part of his life. Is it too much to wish for a miracle to make Jax fall for him too? And can he get Jax to understand that love has a remarkable way of finding everyone when it’s least expected.


The Christmas Collection Garrett Leigh MM RomanceGarrett Leigh – The Christmas Collection

Three bestselling MM holiday romance novels, all with brand new exclusive extended content

!! Dive in to the heartwarming world of MM holiday romances with Garrett Leigh’s THREE bestselling novels, complete with EXCLUSIVE bonus content for all THREE books !!

Angels In The City

Jonah & Sacha. A fake relationship with a stranger, an office romance filled with doughnuts and white knights, and an addictive arrangement that fast evolves into a deeper connection neither man can give up. Don’t miss the exclusive bonus epilogue featuring Alexei from the Rebel Kings MC series!

Christmas Mountain

Rami & Fen. The single dad probation officer caring for his dead brother’s baby. The wounded gentle giant with the biggest softest heart. Get ready for a heartwarming holiday story you’ll cherish forever, along with an exclusive bonus epilogue featuring Embry from the Rebel Kings MC series!

Hometown Christmas

Yani and Gavin’s friendship takes a festive turn as they venture from friends to lovers this Christmas. Fleeing a painful breakup in London, Yani finds himself drawn to brooding Army VET Gavin Ritchie. They’re not looking for love. This is a no strings arrangement. But love finds them all the same. Dig into this sweet and steamy holiday romance, plus enjoy an exclusive bonus epilogue featuring Nat, Marc, & Jamie from the Between Ghosts universe.

“Must read books for any MM romance fan. Don’t miss out on the love, laughter, and holiday magic Garrett Leigh has gifted us with these wonderful boys.”


Planes, Trains, and Hurricanes: A Christmas Road Trip Romance Eli Easton MM Romance

Eli Easton – Planes, Trains, and Hurricanes: A Christmas Road Trip Romance

Joe knows where he is going in life. But one crazy road trip might just change everything.

Joe Blankenship knows where he’s going. He’s on track to marry the boss’s daughter and become heir apparent to a multi-million dollar medical supply business. The financial security he never had growing up is within his grasp along with a glitzy Manhattan lifestyle. All he has to do is get to New York by Christmas Eve for his engagement party.

Joe didn’t count on getting grounded in Florida thanks to a hurricane. He couldn’t have anticipated having to rent a broken-down car for the long drive north. And he certainly never foresaw being stuck with a passenger like Remy Guidry, a sweet-natured Cajun boy, social worker at a children’s home, and free spirit. Remy is the opposite of everything Joe has worked for. But he just might teach Joe, not only the spirit of Christmas, but what’s truly of value in life.

Planes, Trains, and Hurricanes is a Christmas road trip, forced proximity, opposites attract romance.


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