Have you read the utterly ridiculous Adventures in Aguillon series? If you haven’t, all three books are 99c until March 10!

The covers of Red Heir, Elf Defence, and Socially Orcward, along with pictures of 2 cats.






















Davros, my co-author’s cat (left), and Breca, my cat (right, upside-down), both decided to have very expensive medical bills this month, and Sarah and I joked that we should launch a Cat-astrophe sale. And then we realised we didn’t have to just joke about it, we could go ahead and do it! And so here we are!

If you’d like to read some very silly fantasy world shenanigans (think playing a D&D campaign with your drunk friends), then please check out Red Heir, Elf Defence, and Socially Orcward. If you have half as much fun reading them as we did writing them, it’ll be money well spent!

Here’s the series page on Amazon: Adventures in Aguillon

Oh, and the books are also available on Audible, narrated by the wonderful Nick J. Russo, and they’re whisper-synced, so now is a great time to buy the audiobooks too!

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